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Sony PlayStation Vue dropped NESN, and as of this time has not reduced its price to you or added more channels. They’re charging you the same amount of money and giving you less. That does not seem right. You should call or live chat with them, and demand a refund – whether or not you even watched NESN.


NESN and Sony Vue negotiated for months and we gave them an extension of their then current contract, but with less than 24 hours notice Sony Vue chose to terminate carrying NESN. So, while the extension would have let you continue to watch Red Sox and Bruins playoff coverage, Sony Vue decided to take away NESN, NESNplus and NESN National.

Though NESN does have a successful record renewing agreements with distributors, this isn’t new to Sony Vue as they have dropped channels before, like Viacom networks and Sinclair broadcast stations.

While we still hope Sony Vue will reconsider its position and return NESN to its lineup, that is not its intentions at this point. But why then should they still be charging you the same amount of money for fewer channels?


As a Sony Vue customer, you should let your opinion be known. Call or chat live and tell them you either want NESN back or a lower monthly bill. The presumption that subscribers continue to pay the same amount of money for less product is unfair and not defensible. Here’s how to contact them:

  • Call 877-883-7669
    • Mon – Fri, 9a – 5p ET
    • Sat – Sun, closed
  • Chat Live
    • Mon – Fri, 9a – 6p ET
    • Sat – Sun, 10a – 5p ET


Q: What is this all about?

The relationship between NESN and Sony Vue is governed by a contract that must be renewed periodically. We offered Sony Vue an extension so they could continue to carry NESN while we work toward a new agreement, but they chose to drop NESN rather than continue to talk.

Q: What can I do?

As a customer of Sony Vue, if you are unhappy with their decision to charge the same amount of money for less TV programming, you should tell them. Again, call 877-883-7669 or Chat Live.

Q: I just want to be able to watch NESN.

We want you to be able to watch NESN and we are hopeful that Sony Vue will reconsider its position and make some effort to fix the situation. However, as you elect to stay with Sony Vue you should at least be paying less. Of course, NESN is still available throughout New England with other cable, satellite, telco and OTT providers.

Q: This seems like the typical situation where two companies are fighting and consumers get stuck in the middle.

We hear you and understand and share your frustration. The situation is unusual for us, and we hope Sony Vue decides to resolve it quickly.

Q: What is NESN doing about this?

We worked diligently for months tried to reach an agreement with Sony Vue, and offered an extension that they chose not to accept. We will certainly keep working toward that end. In the meantime, we are doing what we can to help viewers through this interruption by providing them with information. Below is a schedule of games on NESN so that you can plan, and possibly make other viewing arrangements. In the meantime, let Sony Vue know how unhappy you are with their decision and that they should put NESN back – or give you money back.



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